Jason Hamilton

Ordered gas for our tank at our house, my wife had told me earlier that her brakes on her car was making a noise, I told her not to drive it I would look at it when I got home. I got home then found that the caliber had came loose and the inside shoe was missing. Not sure how but not good. Then I found our receipt for the gas and written on the bottom was check the brakes on the front right side of your car. How he seen that is beyond me but I am so thankful for his concern and letting me know. That is pretty awesome and I am so grateful. Thank you Southern States, you guys are awesome and this is the perfect example of going above and beyond!!! Much love!!!

Zuni Silverwolf

I absolutely love Southern States! They have seriously helped me a lot!  Wonderful team here! Always friendly and helpful. Very knowledgeable! Heather is a great employee! She goes above and beyond... as well as Randall! Thank you so much for everything! You all deserve a raise, or at least a bonus! Lol.

Amanda Tucker

So helpful! Get all my general horse supplies here and most anything else we need for the horse farm. Love that they load it straight in my truck, no need to lug it around the store and across the parking lot, just to then load it in the bed.

Robert Arnold

Bought grass seed and straw service was excellent

Karen Branham

Good farm store. Good feed prices

Calvin Watkins

Anything under the sun you need for the farm .

Sue Rice

Everyone is so professional and helpful. Love they greet you by name! Will always go here for seed and feed!